How to get a Polish VISA

Before you start applying, check whether you need to obtain visa to travel to Poland, see: this website, if your country is on the list, then you shouldn’t worry about visa, provided you want to stay less than 3 months.

You may apply either for national or Schengen visa. Difference is crucial – Schengen visa allows you to travel around the whole EU.

In order to apply for visa you have to justify your purpose of stay e.g. tourism, work, conducting business activity or other business purposes.

Find out more about the most popular visas: visa for work purposes and for conducting a business activity.

Work purposes

1. First of all you will need to find an employer who wishes to employ you.

2. Second step is getting a work permit from the local labour office. Authorities shall issue such a permit only if the local market lacks employees with your speciality. Application has to be filed by the employing company.

3. Only after having received a work permit, you may apply for visa. There are number of documents you will need to attach:
I work experience certificates, school diplomas, professional skills certificate (e. g. cooks diploma);
II Certificate (NOC) from last work place (if available);
III Passport – should be valid at least for 3 months beyond intended stay, previous passport(s), if any;
IV Photocopy of the first 4 pages of current applicant’s passport and all previous Polish and Schengen visas should be attached;
V One application form completed and signed by applicant + 2 recent passport-size photographs, not older than six months;
VI Photocopy of confirmed airline reservation showing dates of departure and return within a year(open ticket);
VII Possible proofs of health insurance for the whole period of stay in Poland or travel health insurance for the first 3 months of stay.

Visas are issued for a maximum period of 1 year.

Visa for entrepreneurs who wish to conduct business activity in Poland

1. As a professional who wishes to open a branch of your company in Poland you will also need to apply for visa to come to Poland.

2. In order to get visa in that particular situation you will need to receive an invitation letter issued either by one of your business partners or by our law office.

3. Only then you may apply for visa. Nevertheless, apart from the invitation, our consulate will demand certain documents from you:
I Passport ( + photocopy), previous passport(s), if any. Passport should be valid, at least for three months, from the date of expiry of visa obtained by the applicant.
II One visa application form +  two photos.
III Return ticket to your country of origin (you may also get an open ticket).
IV All additional documents confirming professional, financial and maritial status of applicant, e.t.;
V Travel health insurance valid for the European countries and covering up to 30000 Euro of medical expenses.
VI Proof of sufficient financial means for the planned stay (traveller’s cheques, cash, credit cards)
VII Working and leave (NOC) certificate;
VIII Bank statements covering the last three months;
IX Proof of income (salary certificates).

After you get your visa, you may come to Poland and begin a registration process of your company, most likely a Limited Liability Company. That covers signing the Articles of Association in the form of a notarial deed;  bank account, finding an accounting office, obtaining a legal title for a property (lease, land ownership) which will be the seat of your company; collection of necessary documents and registration procedure in National Court Register in the period of 6 months from the execution of AoA, Please note, that a notarial deed and documents, necessary to register a company in the National Court Register, shall be signed by you personally.

Remember that there is a way to do it remotely, from your country of origin, however, a proxy in the form of a notarial deed legalized in a Polish diplomatic post would be required, making therefore the process unnecessarily more complicated and time consuming.

If you have any questions contact us.