Facilities in free movement of workers

The draft amendment on freedom of movement of workers was adopted by Polish Government on 12 April 2016. Modifications planned by the Ministry of Family, Work and Social Policy will prevent the discrimination and extend the range of legal aid to migrant workers.

Currently, employees of European Union countries can get free legal aid in terms of labor law and access to employment.
After the planned changes, workers will be able to get advice about access to social and tax advantage, membership in union trade, access to housing and access to scientific, technical and vocational education for children. It is responsibility of The National Labor inspectorate to carry this out.

As the proposers say, the new project will not change any prerogative of migration workers.
The law will come into force within 14 days after the date of publication of its notice.


Author of the text: Karolina Motyka
Source of information: http://www.infor.pl