Changes in employment of foreign workers

Polish employers who want to hire eastern migrant-workers have to prepare themselves for big changes in national law. From next year new regulations on provisions governing the employment of workers from countries outside the European Union will apply since January 2017.

Changes are needed to adapt the requirements of the EU Directive, which normalizes the access of migrants from the “third countries” to the EU labor market. Modifications will be related primarily to changes with the current forms of employment. Presently, to hire a foreigner in own company, the employer have to provide a declaration of intention to entrust the job for a foreigner.

Instead of this, non-EU-nationals will be able to receive two types of work permits. Eight-month for employees of agriculture, tourism, horticulture-sectors  and six-month for each lines.

After planned changes immigrant earnings will grow. Foreigners will be able to count on rates equal to those given Polish who are working in a similar field. The new regulations will come into force on January 2017.


Author of the text: Karolina Motyka
Source of information: http://www.infor.pl