Entrepreneurs in fear of accusations of tax arrears

Owczarek-600x600The finance department intends to publish the information on how high is the income tax paid to the tax authorities by the largest Polish entrepreneurs. In the meantime, in the opinion of entrepreneurs, publishing this information might be misleading by suggesting that entrepreneurs who do not use tax optimization mechanisms and have a low income, or even a loss, avoid paying taxes.

Publishing this information is intended for four and a half thousand entrepreneurs with the highest revenue, as well as all capital groups regardless of revenue. According to experts, the idea seems plausible, but it misses the goal set by the Ministry of Finance. And it will almost certainly trigger a wave of unjustified accusations of avoiding paying taxes.

The main problem is that publicly available information will not allow verification of whether the entity has low income or loss through the use of advanced tax optimization, or, for instance, because of functioning within a special economic zone.

The solution could be to obligate the low-income or loss-making entities to indicate in the tax return the reasons for a low tax. There are also no grounds justifying retroactive revocation of tax secrecy and the disclosure of tax returns for the period from the beginning of 2012.

Author of the text: Patryk Szulc
Translate: Beata Wiśniewska
Source of information: http://inforfk.pl