Heat wave and employer’s obligations

The heat wave passing through Poland can be a misery to everyone. In order to ensure comfort for employees, the Labour Code imposes additional obligations on the employer. They are designed to protect the health and lives of employees by providing safe and healthy working conditions, in this case due to the deterioration of weather conditions.


Here are some of the activities and resources that can provide the right working conditions:

  • Cold drinks – If the room temperature exceeds 28 degrees Celsius, the employer is obliged to provide employees with drinks (it does not matter if there is air conditioning), while in the case of work in the open area this obligation takes place after exceeding 25 degrees Celsius. Drinks must be available throughout the entire shift.
  • Air conditioning – The use of air conditioning relieves the employer of the obligation to deliver beverages, provided that the room temperature does not exceed 28 degrees Celsius. Even though it is not determined what the maximum temperature in the workplace should be, the employer is obliged to ensure adequate temperature in the rooms, air exchange and protection against moisture as well as unfavourable thermal conditions and sunshine. Youth workers cannot work in rooms where the temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius and the air humidity exceeds 65%.
  • Additional breaks – The employer can offer additional regeneration breaks in, for example, air-conditioned relaxation rooms.
  • Shortening the time of work – the regulations allow for such a manoeuvre of the employer, but it depends only on him if he decides to do so. Choosing this option may not cause reduction of the employee’s remuneration.

Non-compliance with these obligations by the employer is an offense subject to a fine of PLN 1 to 30 thousand.


Source: inforfk.pl