Consumer protection

According to the ruling of the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection – the District Court of Warsaw dated 14 February 2014 (case AMC 399/12 ), making a standard form of contract available on the Internet does not implies the possibility of concluding a contract on its basis. Therefore its terms may not be considered as being unlawful unless its proven that there has actually an agreement been concluded.

Companies without share capital

A tendency in minimal height of initial capital of corporations may be observed – since 2009 the minimal initial capital prescribed by law has been lowered from 50 000 PLN to 5 000 PLN. Continue reading

Is a biometric signature to be considered an electronic signature under Polish law?

Electronic signatures, which were to revolutionize the institution of making the declarations of intent are still being used in a very narrow range. Are the gaining popularity (e.g. in courier industry or inner companies document circulation) biometric signatures about to change the situation? Continue reading