Corporate department

Representing entrepreneurs in judicial and administrative proceedings

In relation to the business activity they undertake, entrepreneurs often come across issues of administrative nature. Furthermore, they frequently happen to be subject to judicial proceedings e.g. in disputes with their clients or contractors. It is a common practice that, since they have insufficient knowledge of legal intricacies, they resort to the services of a qualified lawyer who would represent their interests in administrative and judicial proceedings.

About administrative proceedings, the main fields of concern are the procedures of submitting any sorts of applications, complaints, applying for certificates and tax issues. Also, the issues requiring more specialized approach such as forest or agricultural law cases, related to the specific type of business, are handled via administrative proceedings.

CGO Legal supports entrepreneurs in preparing any sorts of applications, gathering documentation, conforming to administrative decisions or interpreting specific provisions. We also represent Clients before tax authorities or public administration authorities.

Representing entrepreneurs in judicial proceedings usually boils down to disputes. These encompass a wide range of potential issues, since both the subject matter of the proceedings (e.g. complaint procedure, payment disputes) and the counterparty may vary – entrepreneurs deal with different entities, be it, clients or contractors.

Our law firm provides consulting services and represents entrepreneurs before court. We also draft adequate pleadings and support gathering required documentation.

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