Corporate department

Commercial agreements

CGO Legal law firm provides comprehensive services in the field of broadly-defined commercial agreements. This includes drafting and verifying such agreements, drafting legal opinions – also in foreign languages and assistance provided to franchisees.

Drafting and verifying agreements

We assist our Clients by drafting and reviewing civil law agreements of diverse level of complexity – from sale, lease, tenancy, mandate, specific work agreements, through factoring, forfaiting agreements to deeds of formation of limited liability companies, joint stock companies and other, so-called, innominate agreements that are not stipulated in acts of laws.

Drafting legal opinions in Polish, English, Italian and German

Thanks to our cooperation with a network of foreign law firms and the foreign language skills of our team we had the opportunity to provide legal opinions to world’s largest companies. This invaluable experience has enabled us to draft legal opinions in compliance with the top international standards.

Assistance provided to franchisees

We assist those entrepreneurs who intend to start their business basing on a franchising agreement. On the one hand, we help negotiate the most favorable conditions for the Client, on the other. We familiarize the Client with the potential jeopardies such type of business entails.

In the course of our practice we have been preparing the following documents:

  • Commercial agreements
  • Franchise and license agreements
  • Insurance agreements
  • Distribution, delivery and marketing agreements
  • Agreements for services and innominate maintenance agreements
  • Financial lease agreements
  • Agreements concerning, commercialisation and privatisation of companies