Corporate department

Corporate services

CGO Legal law firm provides its Clients with overall corporate services. These include primarily drafting resolutions for companies’ governing bodies, as well as transformations of companies and partnerships and ongoing advisory.

Drafting resolutions for companies’ governing bodies

To those entities that are already function on the market we offer our corporate services such as drafting resolutions on changes in management boards or supervisory boards, consulting increasing or decreasing share capitals and also preparing applications to National Court Register (KRS).

Transformations of companies and partnerships

The lawyers of our law firm have many years of experience in consulting on transformations of commercial entities – we prepare transformation plans concerning divisions or mergers. We also draft applications to National Court Register (KRS) and advise on tax aspects of a given enterprise.

Ongoing consulting services

Should you have any doubts regarding the practical application of the binding provisions of the Act on Freedom of Economic Activity of 2004 or the Code of Commercial Partnerships and Companies, our lawyers will quickly and efficiently provide you with adequate advice via email, on the phone or during an appointment.

Recapitulating, we are experienced and highly qualified in providing services within the following domains:

  • Commercial Partnerships and Companies law in general
  • Legal service rendered to companies with foreign share capital
  • Venture capital companies
  • Drafting outsourcing agreements
  • Company restructuring
  • Acquisition and disposal of stocks / shares
  • Mergers and acquisitions of companies
  • Formation of companies with foreign share capital as well as joint-venture companies
  • Formation of syndicates and cooperation agreements
  • Disposal of assets of companies
  • Disposal of operational, organized units of an enterprise
  • Company liquidation

The corporate services we render to Entrepreneurs include:

  • Keeping corporate records
  • Introducing changes in the management board, the share capital, the business name
    of the company etc.
  • Consulting on compliance of the management board reports, annual financial reports also partners’ or shareholders’ resolutions and other corporate documents with the binding provisions of law
  • Drafting notifications of meetings of company’s governing bodies and the agenda thereof
  • Coordinating the meetings of governing bodies
  • Representing the shareholders/stockholders during the meetings/general meetings
  • Keeping minutes of the meetings and records of the resolutions of governing bodies
  • Submitting documents to court registers
  • Disposal of shares / stocks