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Law of the Internet

Nowadays, more and more business activity is conducted via the Internet or even exists in it exclusively. In consequence, vast numbers of legal requirements emerge and become binding for entrepreneurs who resolve to run their business through this medium. These regulations mainly include drafting and keeping terms of use of websites or of online competitions, but also other forms of legal service, such as drafting privacy policies etc. Therefore, the extensive catalogue of regulations pertaining to the Internet may be collectively referred to as “Law of the Internet”.

Drafting website terms of use

As pointed out above, the popularity of the Internet is constantly growing. This phenomenon is reflected by rapidly increasing numbers of websites – including webshops. These websites, regardless of whether they are used to sell goods and services or not, should be equipped with adequate terms of use in line with which they function. Thereby, certain rights and obligations are set forth both for the owner of the website and for the visitor. The latter may be especially interested in the regulations on the protection of personal data.

Drafting terms of competitions

Online competitions have become a popular form of entertainment and also an attractive method of obtaining material gains. Consequently, a need to set forth the the terms and conditions thereof emerged. It is the terms’ appropriate wording that prevents those participants who overuse this form of entertainment from obstructing its legitimate conduct. At the same time, the persons who take part in such competition are granted the guarantee that they will not be deceived by the organizer, and even if so – they will be equipped with a basis to pursue their rights on.

Legal services rendered to websites and webshops

Legal services rendered to websites and webshops basically consist in auditing such sites with the view to detecting potential legal deficiencies and/or inefficiencies and also to introducing solutions preventing negative results of audits commissioned e.g. by the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection ( Generalny Inspektor Ochrony Danych Osobowych – GIODO).

These actions consist in drafting appropriate documents (including privacy policy, data processing instructions in IT systems, authorizations for employees and registration applications) that are required for the purposes of submitting a collection of personal data to the Inspector General for Protection of Personal Data.

Our service may also include assistance in registering the website in the regional court, due to fulfillment of the press prerequisite. On top of that, we draft the agreements with the sub-contractors of the website and/or with the advertisers – with the view to secure such transactions in the light of copyright and tax law. Finally, we make sure that the operational mechanisms of offers in ICT systems remain in keeping with the provisions of the Civil Code.

Forex, Cryptocurrencies

It is highly recommendable for those who intend to start their business in currency exchange market (Forex) or on the basis of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin etc. to obtain legal advice regarding the administrative and tax consequences of such undertaking. Operating in the field of new technologies often calls for professional assistance in choosing the appropriate form of economic activity, jurisdiction and operating model.

CGO Legal law firm renders complex services concerning functioning of websites in the light of the broadly-taken law of the Internet. As pointed out above, this includes drafting terms of use of websites, terms and conditions of online competitions and other required documents. Additionally, we submit collections of personal data to Inspector General for Protection of Personal Data (and, as a result – ensuring due protection of personal data). We also provide our Clients with professional advice regarding setting up or running business in the Internet.

Should you be interested in learning more details on the law of the Internet please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience – via email or phone.