Immigration department

European Community (EC) long-term residence permit

The aspects of obtaining the EC long-term residence permit in the territory of Poland are regulated by the provisions of the Foreigners Act of December 12 2013.

The permit in question is granted to a foreigner for an indefinite period of time upon their request, provided that they have continuously and legally resided in Poland for at least 5 years. Additionally, within 2 or 3 years preceding the submission of the application, a few conditions must be collectively fulfilled:

  • The foreigner must have a regular and stable source of income (e.g. ensuing from an employment relationship) that allows them to provide for themselves and for their potential family members dependent on them.
  • The foreigner holds a health insurance or a confirmation of covering the costs of medical treatment in the territory of Poland issued by their insurer.

The application is submitted on a form to the competent voivode. It should include the personal details of the foreigner and of their family members dependent on them. On top of that, it should include the information on the travel document, on the insurance held or its potential seizure as well as the signature sample. The application should be appended with adequate documents and photos, verifying the declared information.

CGO law firm provides services for foreigners applying for EC long-term residence permit. Our lawyers support the client in preparing the application; they recommend appropriate documents, represent the client before the office and track the administrative proceedings.