Litigation department

Litigation department provides court representation to foreign individuals and corporate clients. 

Foreign claimant, polish defendant

Our law firm provides legal assistance in cases that are within, as well as, reach beyond the borders of the Republic of Poland. Whenever a foreign client needs assistance in court cases in Poland we are there to help. Among cases we usually handle you may find for example:

  • debt recovery through Polish courts;
  • European Payment Order application;
  • recognition of judgments issued by foreign courts;
  • inheritance proceedings;
  • shareholders disputes;
  • out of court settlements;
  • swiss mortgage loans cases.

How we proceed?

We always assess the admissibility of the case and we also provide you with initial free of charges recommendations. Should you wish to work with us – a written contract will be signed. You will also have a clear view of all costs involved – no hidden fees are applicable. Our staff will update you on each phase of your case, giving you also an insight into the Polish legal system.

Court and Arbitration

Resolving your dispute out of court should always be a priority. Consider arbitration or negotiations before taking your case to the court – think of benefits – duration of the proceedings and possibility to have an expert, instead of a judge, ruling your case. Remember, that an arbitration may be enforced through ordinary bailiffs proceedings.

How do we work?

Our lawyers are active at all stages of the proceedings, for instance, we:

  • establish and clarify the facts and legal status;
  • meet with clients and witnesses if necessary;
  • negotiate settlements;
  • arrange expert opinions;
  • represent you in front of courts and tribunals.

Litigation department – Areas of expertise

  • civil law
  • inheritance law
  • commercial
  • property law
  • corporate law
  • unfair competition
  • intellectual-property
  • personal data protection
  • personal rights protection
  • claims arising from criminal acts
  • procedural cases (foreign acts enforcement)
  • administrative and tax cases (dealt by tax department)

Experience gained during many years of practice allows our lawyers to apply broad look at problems you may face. We also work interdisciplinary – should you require advice within different branches of law, we have specialists ready to help us. Learn more.

Head of the litigation department, legal counsel, one of the partners at CGO Legal Counseling – Michał Gawlak will certainly be happy to answer all your questions.

If you wish to obtain further information, please contact us via e-mail: office@cgolegal.pl or call: +48 42 663 65 03.