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Employment-related cases

Employment-related cases cover a remarkably wide range of potential issues and disputes that emerge from the relations between an employer and an employee. In such cases, usually the provisions of the Labour Code serve as the point of reference, but it also happens that the foregoing relations are based on specific work contracts or mandate contracts – by virtue of which the rights and obligations of the parties are regulated in a different manner by the Civil Code.

The prior matter of employment-related cases is concluding and terminating employment agreements. No less important are the issues connected with determination of the work time, employment leave, remuneration, preparation of work statutes as well as handling disputes between employers and their employees.

CGO Legal law firm provides comprehensive legal assistance in all employment-related cases, including representing the Client – employers as well as employees – in the potential proceedings before courts. We also provide services to Clients who are parties of civil law contracts – specific work contracts or mandate contracts.

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