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Inheritance cases

Legislation devoted to inheritance cases is incorporate in the Polish civil code. It pertains mainly to conduction of adequate proceedings before the court.

In order to initiate inheritance proceedings an application for ascertainment of acquisition of an inheritance must be submitted to a competent Regional Court. The application is due to a court fee of 50 PLN per one deceased person. It should include the basic details of the bequeather: first and last name, last place of stay or residence, date of death and whether they left a testament. Additionally, the application should indicate all of the heirs and heiresses along with their basic details.

A number of documents should be appended to the application, including: copy of the death certificate of the bequeather and confirmation of kinship – abridged copy of birth or marriage certificate. Such set of documentation needs to be submitted to the court. The number of copies of the set must equal the number of the participants of the proceedings including the court itself.

However, inheritance cases are not limited to ascertainment of acquisition of an inheritance. There are also cases on legitims (compulsory portions of the inheritance), which appear when one of the compulsory, statutory heirs or heiresses has been disregarded, or cases on division of the inheritance – if there is more than one heir or heiress and if the inheritance must be divided adequately.

CGO Legal law firm offers comprehensive legal service in inheritance cases. At the initial stage we consult the case with the Client and determine both the factual background and the legal status. We also support the Client in preparation of an application and in gathering the appropriate documentation. Finally, we track the course of the proceedings making sure the result is to Client’s satisfaction.

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