Litigation department

Lawsuit in Poland

CGO Legal law firm specializes in handling overdue receivables of corporate contractors – we represent our client before common courts at all instances, including the Supreme Court.

Owing to our extensive cooperation with the network of court enforcement officers (bailiffs) we collect the receivables covered by enforcement titles in a swift and efficient manner.

We keep the Client updated by providing periodic reports on the actions performed as long as the case remains open and the claim is not satisfied.

In principle, claims for payment fall to the competence of regional courts (unless their value exceeds 75,000.00 PLN or 100,000.00 PLN in commercial cases – they fall to the competence of district courts). The court adjudicates through issuing a payment order which can pertain to any case on a specific monetary claim – regardless of the actual amount.

The payment order gives the plaintiff two weeks to satisfy the claim along with costs incurred. Notwithstanding the foregoing, they preserve the right to submit an objection.

If the defendand decides to object to the court orded, a hearing is set during which parties are allowed to put forward evidence and statements. Our attorneys and legal counsels will advise you on what evidence should be presented in order to succesfully represent the client.

Should you wish to learn more, email us at under: office@cgolegal.pl