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Protection of intellectual property

In the light of the Polish law, the protection of intellectual property pertains mainly to copyrights, patents and trademarks. Like any other right, the foregoing may be infringed, which entails the need for creation of legal means of protecting them. These means differ from each other respectively to the type of the right infringed.

Propriety copyrights are not subject to any registration and it is assumed that they are protected since the very moment of their formation (since the creation of the work falling under copyrights). What is important, the international agreements concluded in this matter provide for the protection of copyrights almost all over the world.

Rights of industrial property – especially patents or trademarks – are subject to submission to The Patent Office of the Republic of Poland – this institution decides on their registration. Only once registered, they become protectable. The protection, however, is limited to the territory of the Republic of Poland. The extension of the protection requires registering the intellectual property in the adequate offices of specific states.

CGO Legal law firm handles cases in the field of protection of intellectual property – we support Clients in registering their rights in The Patent Office of the Republic of Poland and also assist in pursuing claims arising from events of infringement of these rights.