New technologies

CGO Legal is a place where every entrepreneur from the IT industry will find full legal support. IT law itself combines many important areas of law. Those include civil law, combating unfair competition, copyright, Internet law, as well as rules and habits adopted by online community users. That is why we decided to create a New Technologies Department. With the support of professional lawyers operating within this broad area of law, it is possible to effectively safeguard and protect the innovation, creativity and ideas of every entrepreneur. The variety of legal regulations in the field of cyberspace, as well as non-legal solutions, require knowledge and experience in this extensive field.

CGO Legal is a team of experts. Thanks to those specialists every entrepreneur operating in the modern technologies sector will certainly be provided with a wide range of services in the legal field. We offer consulting services for software producers and distributors. We support IT solutions executives, as well as companies operating only partially in the IT industry. Our company also assists in the analysis of legal aspects related to the provision of electronic services, or those related to the creation of new technological solutions, their delivery and updates.

We provide, among others:

  • legal support in the implementation of IT projects and similar,
  • ongoing legal services for IT companies in every aspect of their activity,
  • carrying out legal analyses of IT projects at particular stages of their implementation,
  • providing opinions and drawing up IT sector contracts, including securing software license agreements, guarantee and service agreements, as well as contracts for the supply of computer hardware, etc., and taking part in negotiations,
  • comprehensive consultancy in the field of IT services outsourcing,
  • developing strategies for protecting copyright and copyright works, inventions, trade secrets, internet domains, as well as designations and designs,
  • conducting risk analysis under IT agreements,
  • advice on carrying out various procedures – including those in the field of public procurement,
  • representation in legal disputes, before courts and other bodies,
  • advice on implementing cybersecurity procedures,
  • many others.

Comprehensive services provided by CGO Legal is a guarantee of satisfaction. Our clients get full support in every aspect of their activities in the IT sector. We encourage you to contact us. Learn more.