New technologies


The Blockchain technology underlying Bitcoin is a real challenge for entrepreneurs who want to implement modern technologies for their operations. Its decentralized character – it is a technology that is not under the control of any central entity, thus gaining full consistency and harmony among network users.

As Blockchain technology grows, there are more and more innovations and possibilities for its application – not only as virtual currencies but also other values. Legal support in the implementation of innovations becomes therefore crucial for their correctness and efficiency. From a legal perspective, Blockchain is a source of many doubts. That is why the professional assistance of experts from CGO Legal is a chance to find solutions, answers to bothering questions and targeting activities for business.

Our experts will help:

  • find the best use of Blockchain technology for a given activity profile, which can be introduced to various sectors of the economy;
  • improve the implementation processes of solutions based on Blockchain technology;
  • ensure the correct application of all legal regulations related to the functioning of business models based on Blockchain technology;
  • find ways to raise funds for implementing innovations;
  • in every other aspect of the legal nature and others.

Each of our clients can count on a comprehensive and tailor-made offer and advice at the highest level. At CGO Legal we have experience in IT and new technologies and related legal aspects. That is why cooperation with us will translate into satisfying results.

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