New technologies

Consumer rights in new technologies

Consumer rights are an extremely important aspect in the field of activities related to new technologies. Experts from CGO Legal are invaluable support in ensuring compliance of our clients business with the requirements of competition and consumer protection. Acting in the field of innovative IT solutions and new technologies, we help implement procedures that will be fully adapted to the requirements of the Act on Consumer Rights.

Our main services include:

  • advice on the compliance of planned activities with consumer law,
  • consultancy in the field of consumer rights protection,
  • identification of practices violating collective consumer interests,
  • analysing and reviewing the terms of sale of goods and services in terms of compliance with consumer law;
  • professional audits of all internal procedures as well as the model of conducted activity in compliance with consumer law;
  • developing and reviewing sales regulations, contract templates and other documents for compliance with consumer rights.

Special consumer rights, which are within the Act of 30 May 2015 on consumer rights, regulate rights under distance contracts, including online purchases, which are an integral part of modern business and activities of the IT industry. Therefore, professional evaluation of activities in this area made by CGO Legal specialists will allow you to meet all the requirements of the above-mentioned bill. It will also allow you to meet consumer expectations. We help entrepreneurs providing their services or offering products both at home and abroad. For anyone who wants to get more information about the correctness of compliance with consumer rights, we offer full support. We invite you to contact us.