New technologies

Corporate consulting on the specifics of the IT industry

New information and communication technologies are getting more and more popular each year. They appear in subsequent branches and segments of the economy. This area is becoming more and more complex, and the regulations related to it are constantly changing. Activities in the IT industry, therefore, require comprehensive solutions, including legal advice, which will help effectively and efficiently implement new IT projects. That is why our law firm renders services of corporate consulting on the specifics of the IT industry.

In the CGO Legal offer, our clients can find full advisory support regarding the specificity of IT, which includes, among others:

  • legal analysis of planned IT projects,
  • legal audits of companies in terms of compliance with sector-specific IT regulations,
  • verification of the legality of software,
  • preparation, as well as negotiating and reviewing IT industry contracts,
  • handling disputes in the IT industry,
  • counselling on providing effective legal protection of IT systems,
  • legal issues related to formal aspects in the area of new technologies,
  • implementation of systems related to revenue settlement in IT companies,
  • other.

Our help and consultations also include information on know-how, advice on protection of confidentiality and business secrets in the IT industry, legal support in the field of personal data protection, documentation preparation, etc. We also help in the area of intellectual property, copyright and similar matters.

The team of experts at CGO Legal has extensive experience and knowledge, thanks to which all doubts regarding the specifics of the IT industry will be clarified. We advise both clients who order and perform activities in the field of modern information technologies. Our understanding of the specifics of IT companies’ operations allows us to tailor solutions to individual needs, as well as create legal structures that fully correspond to their interests.

If you have any questions regarding our service of Corporate consulting on the specifics of the IT industry, contact us.