New technologies

Corporate help in building businesses based on cryptocurrencies

The subject of virtual currencies is an extremely popular subject of entrepreneurs’ interest. Universal access to hundreds of various cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology, makes the business based on innovative technologies provide attractive investment and development opportunities for companies. Professional legal support in activities aimed at modern technologies is therefore extremely desirable. For that reason, CGO Legal has launched a service of Corporate help in building businesses based on cryptocurrencies.


Economic activity based on virtual currencies requires specialized accounting, ensuring legal security for project implementation and knowledge of tax law. Other necessiti is a team of specialists, thanks to which we will achieve satisfaction in running a business.

CGO Legal team of experts will face problems that may arise in connection with the introduction of innovative solutions. Our comprehensive assistance in the field of building a business, as well as its development and proper functioning in various aspects of activities with virtual currencies, is the support that will allow you to achieve an advantage in the market. Our lawyers will help to take care of every detail of the implementation of the business plan. We will ensure that it is compliant with legal regulations, including tax regulations, investing security and trading. Our team will also help in preparing the assumptions for White Papers and Smart Contracts. These are the regulations that European Union law, as well as AML or KYC procedures, require.

The implementation of the ICO process, the refinement of the business profile, the preparation of internal documents, as well as accounting and the implementation of other activities related to cryptocurrencies do not have to be difficult. With us, it will be possible to build a business on digital currencies without fear.

The dynamic market environment for virtual currencies is governed by completely different rules than those known to us from the capital or currency market. The CGO Legal experts will help you in building businesses based on cryptocurrencies, providing the best support in investment development. A plan of action prepared by experienced lawyers will help you effectively implement your activity in the cryptocurrency market. We invite you to contact us.