New technologies


The extraordinary popularity of shopping in online stores has made us more and more willing to also look at those offering our favourite products also on other continents and not only in Europe. With the increase of interest in this type of offer, entrepreneurs running online stores began to introduce dropshipping.

This option means lower prices of products. Combined with the possibility of sending them directly to e-store customers from distributors’ or producers’ warehouses (e.g. from another continent or country), it has become an extremely attractive alternative. However, this interesting form of mediation in shopping may pose a lot of legal doubt. That is why at CGO Legal, we offer very comprehensive support in this area. Consumers using online store offers often do not realize that they are shopping through an intermediary – which is the result of the lack of analysis of the information contained on the e-store website.

It is worth remembering that in connection with the use of dropshipping, consumer protection gains a more comprehensive form. What is more, customers receive additional special rights.

Our experts, as part of the services offered to entrepreneurs operating on the basis of dropshipping, help to adjust all regulations and activities precisely in terms of these special requirements. Thanks to our help, all obligations of online stores using dropshipping resulting from consumer law will be efficiently implemented. The help of experts secures the activity of online stores, which thanks to dropshipping can offer more without additional risk.

If you want to learn more about dropshipping, we invite you to contact us.