New technologies

Electronic advertisement

Advertising on the Internet is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to promote goods and services. The extraordinary development of new technologies allows us to get an amazing range, thus reaching a huge group of potential customers. The variety of possibilities that electronic advertisement currently offers allows advertisers to do a lot. However, it is worth considering which ads are acceptable on the web, as well as how to provide legal protection for advertising activities on the Internet.

Many advertisements used by producers of various products or services may raise doubts. That is because those commercials may include spam. Its dissemination can have serious consequences for businesses. Those start from blocking mailboxes, removing websites from search engines and end in court proceedings. Adware or spyware are also questionable.

As CGO Legal experts, we support companies in conducting their activities in the IT and new technologies industries, including, among others, lawful activities in the field of electronic advertisement. We make sure that the advertising ideas proposed by our clients comply with the applicable regulations.

We also take into account the codes voluntarily created by the associations of entrepreneurs of certain industries that allow them to protect their interests from unfair and aggressive competition. It is worth mentioning that unfair competition is a particularly problematic aspect of electronic advertising. With our help, entrepreneurs can be sure that they will receive full legal protection.

CGO Legal is also interested in the issue of legal liability recipients. These recipients may also be advertising agencies or independent entrepreneurs responsible for creating a given advertisement. Our comprehensive support in the field of creating electronic advertisements, and taking care of the interests of our clients as part of protection against dishonest competition allows us to maintain the security of trading. We invite you to contact us.