New technologies

Electronic contents protected by copyright and their dissemination

Technological development is ahead of legal regulations, which does not always allow solving problems that arise in the area of innovation and new solutions of digital reality. One of the fundamental issues for creators is electronic content protected by copyright and their dissemination.

The legislator, as part of the copyright law, explicitly grants creators the exclusive right to use and manage works, which also includes the right to receive remuneration. Without the consent of the author or the holder of the copyright, as a rule, it is not permissible to perform other activities related to the work (also in the form of electronic content), including reproduction and its dissemination.

Violation of copyright, including but not limited to electronic content without the consent of authorized persons, may involve both civil and criminal liability. Often prosecuting entities that infringe copyright is uneconomic, and in some cases impossible. Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we are able to ensure that content covered by copyright will be fully protected both during their creation and after being made available as part of the company’s operations.

As part of activities related to copyright regarding electronic content, we help:

  • regulate the range of fair use of works,
  • take care of the rights of creators in both personal and property aspects,
  • in carrying out the formalities related to licensing,
  • We support entrepreneurs in the appropriate regulation of copyright issues to content made by an employee for the company.

At CGO Legal, we make sure that our clients can be assured that they receive comprehensive support in the protection of electronic content from the point of view of copyrights. We react to any illegal dissemination or use of our clients’ content, and at the same time we make sure that electronic data shared by them does not infringe upon the rights of third parties. We invite you to contact anyone who needs a professional legal assessment in the field of copyright to electronic content. Experts from our office will certainly help dispel any doubts. We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with the topic: Intangible property rights.