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Impersonating a company on the Internet

The obligation to properly mark the company was regulated under the Act on the freedom of economic activity. Every entrepreneur who places his goods on the market should provide information on the company, its address and other data that enable its identification. Every company disclosed in the registers must also stand out sufficiently from other entrepreneurs who run a company with a similar profile.

Misleading customers by using the image, trademarks and other corporate elements of another company is an act of unfair competition, and thus, is the basis for bringing claims. Therefore, it is forbidden to impersonate other entrepreneurs, including unlawful use of the brand or trademark by other entrepreneurs.

The right to improperly mark a company, i.e. impersonate a company, provides for civil and criminal sanctions, an obligation to pay compensation, and other, therefore, on behalf of our clients whose interests have been endangered or compromised, we request:

  • stopping unauthorized activities,
  • removing all effects of unauthorized activities,
  • submitting a statement of relevant content and in the appropriate form (in which there is information about an unlawful entrepreneur’s designation of his company),
  • repairing the damage caused, on general terms,
  • issuing unjustified benefits, on general terms (e.g. profits that the entrepreneur who impersonates the company obtained using the reputation of the brand),
  • awarding an adequate sum of money for a specific social purpose related to the support of Polish culture or protection of national heritage – if the act of unfair competition was at fault.

At CGO Legal, we take all necessary steps on behalf of our clients to eliminate the risk of misleading third parties. We provide full legal and procedural protection against impersonation of the company on the Internet. Any trader whose interests have been violated at CGO Legal can expect full support. Feel free to contact us and read the topic: Intangible property rights.