New technologies

Infringements of personal rights on the internet

Violation and protection of personal rights on the Internet is an extremely problematic and, unfortunately, often painful issue. However, widespread anonymity and apparent impunity for cyberspace users are not necessarily acceptable, especially because infringements of personal rights may have legal consequences. In situations where personal rights have been violated, it is possible to hold account holders responsible.

The specifics of personal rights set out in the Civil Code, allows victims to react when they are humiliated, accused of false actions, including committing a crime, or when they are exposed to other activities on the Internet that harm their personal rights, including image. In our office, we help in this kind of problems, effectively striving for satisfying solutions for our clients. The impunity of forum users or other social networks hiding under anonymous nicknames is fiction. There are many possibilities of identifying them (IP number, e-mail address, etc.), thanks to which civil liability or criminal liability of persons responsible for violations can be made.

As part of CGO Legal activities, we provide full support in handling cases related to the violation of our clients’ personal rights in the network. Proving a violation of personal rights and full procedural support are only part of the services we provide as part of our services and legal support. Anyone who needs help in matters concerning the violation of his personal rights online, with our qualified team will find the best way to solve these kinds of problems. We invite you to contact us.