New technologies

IP Box in Poland for IT operations

Income from the commercialization of intellectual property rights (IP) generated, developed or improved as a result of research and development (R&D) or the acquisition of R&D services from other entities, currently benefits from a preferential tax rate. The so-called IP Box is to encourage taxpayers who lead innovation and new technologies, but its implementation may raise some doubts among entrepreneurs operating in the IT industry.

The reduced tax rate includes income from eligible intellectual property rights as:

  • rights to inventions or patents and their protective rights,
  • protection rights for utility models,
  • revenues from licensing

Important in the use of IP Box income tax in Poland is the fact of having the above rights, which are protected on the basis of separate acts or ratified international agreements in which our country is a party or other types of agreements with the European Union.

At CGO Legal, we help IT companies in adapting to changes and, as a result, obtaining an attractive form of income tax settlement. With professional support, the application of new regulations and the use of preferential options in the field of intellectual property rights will be easier and carried out properly.

We will help you properly summarize the income from intellectual property rights, such as fees and receivables arising from licensing agreements, the sale of qualified intellectual property rights, or compensation for infringement of rights resulting from a qualified intellectual property right. As experts, we will help to clarify doubts and properly target the activities of all IT companies that can take advantage of the alternative offered by the IP Box income tax in Poland.