New technologies

Regulation of BTC and other cryptocurrencies as means of payment

Rapid development and the specificity of transactions made with virtual currencies, resulted in the creation of many new regulations and doubts regarding trading in these innovative means of payment. Questions regarding taxation as well as other legal aspects of cryptocurrencies pose a problem for every interested entrepreneur. Experienced advisers from CGO Legal will help you resolve issues related to virtual currencies and blockchain technology.

Payments made with the help of cryptocurrencies are more and more often used by entrepreneurs who are interested in payments made in virtual currencies for their goods or services. Such transactions are treated as a barter agreement and each party is recognized as both a buyer and a seller. The new regulations include, in particular, various types of revenue sources that are obtained from trading in cryptocurrencies.

Amongst them, one can distinguish, among others, those related to the sale of virtual currencies on the stock exchange or in exchange offices and used in transactions on the free market, including revenues from the exchange of virtual currencies as a means of payment. Skilful accounting of them requires knowledge and experience.

Being experts in the field of activities related to virtual currencies, at CGO Legal we offer a full spectrum of support in the field of Bitcoin and other regulations. We will help in both legal and tax aspects which will allow us to settle correctly and confidently in new, ever-changing regulations regarding the use of cryptocurrency of various kinds as a means of payment.