New technologies

Settlement of income from IT activities

Running a business in the IT field is a real challenge in terms of income tax settlements. At CGO Legal, we provide comprehensive support in this area, and each of our clients will find assistance with us in the matter of consulting as well as implementing specific steps.

Taxation of IT activities is subject to general principles, but can also be carried out on a flat rate or flat rate basis. However, the choice is not 100% the entrepreneur’s, yet the nature of his business and which option is the most profitable.

Our experts will help you choose the most optimal solution in this matter. It is worth bearing in mind that the form of taxation once selected will apply throughout the year, so think well about choosing the best alternative. Based on the basic guidelines, including, among others, what is the amount of revenues, the amount of tax deductible costs and the type of expectations or willingness to take advantage of discounts, we will certainly be able to adjust the most profitable and convenient form of income settlement, which will be perfectly adapted to individual business needs maintained in the IT industry. As experts in new technologies and IT, we help our clients achieve fully satisfying results, which is why we encourage you to contact us.