New technologies

Settlement of income from virtual currencies

Income derived from activities based on cryptocurrencies is taxable – this issue applies to individuals and companies. Matters related to taxes and business settlements are a number of nuances and constant changes in regulations.

At CGO Legal we offer comprehensive services and support in every legal and tax law problem, including virtual currencies, activities in the IT sector and modern technologies. Settlements of cryptocurrencies irrespective of the nature of transactions made by entrepreneurs are not a problem for us. Our specialists and qualified lawyers, based on experience and knowledge, will help you find optimal solutions that will be adjusted to the needs of each business. We are experts in making optimization and we support on a large scale, providing full care over economic activities that have focused their activities on the use of virtual currencies and innovative technologies.

We follow changes in regulations on an ongoing basis to be able to offer our clients legal assistance at the highest level. We want to ensure that settlements of income from virtual currencies do not pose any problem and become just a formality. CGO Legal’s help in settlements for VAT, income taxes, TCLT including virtual currencies, is the security of tax and accounting turnover.

If you are interested in comprehensive assistance or consulting in the field of settlement of income from virtual currencies, we encourage you to contact us. Together we will find the best solutions.