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Work in IT – own company or contract of employment

Doubts that arouse the choice of the form of undertaking work in IT are justified, which is why the advice of CGO Legal experts allows you to choose the most appropriate form of cooperation, be it in the form of so-called self-employment or contracts of employment.

As practice shows, a contract of employment is often the preferred option in starting a first job in IT. It is a solution that provides the employee with many benefits, including stable employment, regular payments and full social benefits. The benefits of the employment contract are also a number of benefits such as trainings, courses, funding for studies or additional medical care. It is therefore an exceptionally attractive alternative at the beginning of a career.

Self-employment is a challenge that can be conducive to higher earnings. Experience in the IT industry which specialists who have their own business have at their disposal, as well as their knowledge and contacts developed over years, are a great asset and a solid foundation of this form of cooperation. The decision to choose to run your own business also requires having negotiating skills as well as excellent work organization that allows you to undertake numerous projects at the same time.

Working in IT as a freelancer or within the scope of a contract of employment can have its advantages and disadvantages. At CGO Legal, we help choose the most favourable option for our clients. The needs and goals set by our clients, we strive to adapt to the most adequate form of business, which will be more beneficial from a legal and tax perspective. For those who decide to start a business, we advise them at every stage, providing legal assistance in the field of keeping invoices, accounts, settlements as well as all legal aspects of this form of work in IT.

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