Property department

Property department operating within our office deals with matters relating to commercial real estates. We help our clients with zoning, planning, and land registry issues faced during purchase and exploitation of properties.


Some of the cases fall into this category due to a common denominator –the contract. The law relating to real estate is not only the real estate sales contract, but also other types of contacts or related matters.

Procedure of the administrative authorities

A large proportion of cases involving real estate shall be reported to the appropriate authorities such as the local government units and courts. In some cases, with the purpose of the completion of the relevant procedures and in other cases only to obtain certain information.

Property department – Other services

Our Law Firm also undertakes to manage the affairs of atypical – from those for real estate with unregulated legal status for those with difficulty arises from a wide range of ownership.

Issues remaining in the activities of the real estate department are extensive and diverse. That is why often the intricacies of the provisions are difficult to understand and positive solution to the problem requires the services of a professional – a lawyer.

Our Law Firm employs experienced staff. Above all our Customers are treated on an individual basis, with deep analysis of the issue. We assist in identifying and clarifying the facts, legal status, as well as collecting and filling out all the relevant documents. We also support the operation in administrative or judicial proceedings.

Head of the property department – partner at CGO Legal Counseling, attorney-at-law Jakub Chajdas.

In conclusion we invite You to familiarize yourself with the detailed description of individual services within the competence of the department.

If you wish to obtain further information, please contact us via e-mail: office@cgolegal.pl or call: +48 42 663 65 03.