Property department

Acquisition of property by foreigners

Acquisition by a foreigner of the right of ownership or of perpetual usufruct of property, as well as acquisition or subscription for shares or stocks in commercial companies with registered office in the territory of the Republic of Poland being owners or perpetual usufruct users of properties located in the territory of Poland requires a permit granted by the Interior Minister.

This permit is granted upon request by the foreigner, in case:

  • The acquisition of property by the foreigner neither threatens the defense or national security or the protection of safety and public order, nor contravenes the social policies and the public health
  • The foreigner proves the existence of circumstances that confirm his or her bonds with the Republic of Poland

The circumstances are in particular:

  • Polish nationality or origin
  • Entering into matrimony with a citizen of the Republic of Poland
  • Holding a temporary residence permit or a settlement permit or an European Community long-term residence permit
  • Membership in a governing body of an entrepreneur being a legal entity or a commercial company without legal personality, controlled by foreigners, with its registered office in the territory of Poland
  • Conducting business or agricultural activity in the territory of the Republic of Poland,
    in compliance with the law of the Republic of Poland

The area of the property acquired by the foreigner in order to satisfy his or her basic needs must not exceed 0,5 ha. Whereas, if the property is acquired in order to conduct business or agricultural activity, its area has to correspond to the actual demands entailed by the character of the activity.

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