Property department

Adjacent fees

Adjacent fees emerge in connection with the increase in value of a property caused by construction of technical infrastructure funded by the State Treasury, the local government unit or with funds from the EU budget or non-returnable foreign sources. Finally, these fees may occur in relation to the increase in value caused by division as well as consolidation of the property.

The adjacent fee is calculated by the territorially competent commune head or mayor. The fee is borne by the owner of the property which value increased and is deemed as his or her contribution to the investment. The percentage rate of the adjacent fees may amount up to 50% of the sum by which the value of the property increased. The fee amount is determined on the basis of the valuation survey prepared by property experts commissioned predominantly by the authorities.

Since the determination of the adjacent fee takes the form of administrative decision, it can be appealed against within the statutory period of 14 days since the date of service of the decision.

The assistance our law firm provides mainly involves a thorough and comprehensive analysis of both material and formal prerequisites that serve as the basis for issuing the decision on the adjacent fees. We also prepare the adequate means of appeal aimed at lowering the amount determined by the decision or even in some cases in revoking it in its entirety.