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Disputes over parking space

It is quite commonplace to see disputes over parking spaces, especially among inhabitants of numerous housing estates. There are a number of potential solutions to this problem – ranging from very simple ones to serious and complex remedies.

Obviously, the easiest way is to settle the dispute amicably directly between the conflicted parties. Unfortunately, this is not possible when neither of the parties seems willing to compromise. Such situation also rules out the prospect of conducting mediations with participation of an unbiased and impartial mediator (e.g. a representative of housing co-operative) – the chance of reaching an agreement is remarkably reduced.

As a last resort, one can file a suit in the territorially competent court against other inhabitants or against the housing co-operative itself. This opportunity is provided for by the two essential legal acts governing the matters pertaining to premises and housing co-operatives – Act on Ownership of Premises and the Act on Housing Co-operatives. They provide for the principle of equal rights of the members of a housing co-operative – including, but not limited to, equal access to parking spaces.

It should be borne in mind that disputes over parking spaces may emerge from various factual circumstances – be it simply the lack of such space or a situation when it is blocked by others.

CGO Legal law firm represents Clients in disputes over parking spaces – we determine both the factual and legal background and prepare necessary documentation.

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