Property department

Examination of land and mortgage registers

Under present Polish law, there is a so-called dualism of the land and mortgage registers, since they occur in both paper and digital form.

The process of migration of the registers into digital form has been commenced with the Act on Transferring the Contents of Land and Mortgage Registers into IT System of Land and Mortgage Registers of February 14 2004.

It needs to be underlined that only the current content of a land and mortgage register gets transferred into the IT system. Therefore, in order to retrieve the information on all the entries made with regard to a given property, it is inevitable to view the paper version of the land and mortgage register. On top of that, the transfer encompassed neither the registers established before 01.01.1947, nor the mortgage repertories (comprising a number of registers).

CGO Legal law firm supports the process of straightening out the legal status of properties through examining and investigating old land and mortgage registers (the content of which has not been transferred into the IT system) as well as other documents that can be found in land and mortgage register departments of district courts and in the National Archives.