Property department

Land and mortgage register issues

Usually, the issues concerning land and mortgage registers are examined by the court competent as per the location of the property – the so-called land and mortgage register court. The proceedings held before it need to be preceded by submitting an adequate application.

Land and mortgage register issues encompass a wide range of cases, including:

  • establishment of land and mortgage registers
  • entries in land and mortgage registers
  • issuing excerpts of documents from land and mortgage registers
  • designation of record parcels
  • appointment of power of attorney or a statutory representative
  • issuing a certified copy of land and mortgage register or a certification of closure of land and mortgage register
  • viewing a land and mortgage register or issuing a printed excerpt thereof

CGO Legal law firm provides comprehensive services covering property cases – including the aforestated land and mortgage register cases. We assist in preparing the application, submitting it and tracking the entire course of proceedings on land and mortgages cases.

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