Property department

Real estate

Determining the legal status of real estate located on Polish territory

Prior to the acquisition of real property in Poland, we suggest conducting a complex analysis of its legal status so as to determine: who is the proprietor of the estate; whether there are any doubts about the legal title of the entity – figuring as the real estate owner or usufructuary; whether the real estate is encumbered with third party rights or whether there is any risk of reprivatisation claims being raised. On the basis of the information gathered, we draw up a legal opinion concerning the eventual risks related to the acquisition of the particular estate.

Assistance in the acquisition of real estate in Poland

For those who wish to acquire property on Polish territory, we offer aid in virtually every legal step that is obligatory towards finalising the purchase. These services include (among others): negotiating the most advantageous terms for the developer’s contract, establishing the real estate register and assistance with the Public Solicitor’s procedures.

Lease agreements

Our foreign clients who intend to rent a property, living, or office space in Poland should make sure that they receive a favourable tenancy agreement. We will draft such an agreement or, if not possible, negotiate the most advantageous terms and conditions with the landlord.