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Permits required under the Water Law Act

Permits required under the Water Law Act serve as the formal instrument with which the competent public authorities set the conditions of use and maintain control over the use of surface and underground waters.

Such document is required whenever waters are to be used in a way other than ordinary or commonly acknowledged. Virtually all entities are subject to this requirement – organizational units, companies as well as individuals.

The Water Law Act of 18.07.2001 specifically outlines in which situations such permit is required and in which it is not necessary. The former includes extraordinary use of waters, installing water facilities or impoundage of underground waters. The latter encompasses timber towing and rafting, fishing in inland surface waters or sailing on inland waterways.

The permit should feature the rules of use of waters, including the amount of water uptake or water drainage, the amount, the level and the composition of sewage used or the location and the conditions of installment of a water device. Other duties encumbering the applicant may also be introduced in the permit.

CGO Legal law firm provides comprehensive services to Clients who intend to obtain a permit required under the Water Law Act. Our services include determining whether the requirement for the permit actually exists, preparation of the application and of other necessary documents, as well as assistance in submitting them to the competent authority.