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Polish tax law is characterized by a high level of complexity and ambiguity, therefore expert advice while planning business operations is not only recommended but simply necessary. Lawyers at CGO Legal will advise you on tax law. 


The majority of our clients entrust us with affairs related to their business or investment activity in Poland and all around the world.

We advise how to carry out a particular transaction in the most profitable way, how to optimize the current operating income or how to react to the numerous changes to the tax law regulations – e.g. in the field of taxation of shareholders of foreign controlled companies in Poland (CFC).

Within our offer, you may find the following areas of expertise and legal products:
• special purpose vehicles,
• intangible services as tax deductible expenses,
• depreciation of trademarks,
• foreign companies incorporation,
• tax exemption of donations for enterprises,
• managerial contracts,
• tax aspects of the transformation of companies,
• collective investment structures,
• tax strategies and legal analysis of investments,
• taxation of international transactions,
• imports and exports – VAT aspects,
• customs procedures,
• court representation,
• representation during fiscal controls,
• transfer pricing.


A separate category of cases entrusted to our law firm are tax aspects related to the acquisition and exploitation of real estates. Lawyers at CGO Legal advise on investment projects at both national and international level. Before you proceed with property transaction consider:
• Double depreciation of real estates,
• tax aspects of investing in real estates,
• real estate clauses (in agreements on avoidance of double taxation),
• depreciation of buildings.


Among the services offered by our firm you may also find matters concerning both entrepreneurs and individuals not engaged in business activity. Such services include in particular:
• representation before the tax authorities,
• representation before the administrative courts,
• securing assets in the event of death,
• structures of collective investment,
• third-party liability for the obligations of the taxpayer,
• taxes on loans.

Tax department deals with a wide range of diverse topics related to taxes and taxpayers – income taxes, value-added tax, customs regulations as far as taxes and local fees. Predominantly, tax cases refer to very complicated legal regulations including not only national tax law, but also European and international regulations. For this reason we strongly recommend you to rely on the knowledge and skills of professionals, who will offer their help to solve tax cases.

CGO Legal Counseling employs experienced staff – tax attorneys and cheif financial officers. Each client is treated individually, with deep analysis of his legal and tax problems. We assist in identifying and clarifying the facts, legal status, collecting and filling out all the relevant documents. We also support our clients in carrying out the procedures before the competent authorities.

At the head of the tax law department stands legal adviser Michał Gawlak.

We invite you to get familiar with the detailed description of particular services within the competence of the department.

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